Annyeong chingu! No, it is not a bad word. Its Korean for hello my friends! like I mentioned in my last warning blog about my new segment,  I shall be talking about my top 5 favorite Korean dramas.

Dramas as in not the genre drama but it is a term used for soap operas or television series. Their genres range from anything to anything! You name, they have it! However… lets just start with it cause I am really excited to share and let you all know about this side of Korean entertainment industry! Korean television series AKA Korean dramas.



#1 Goblin


Were you ever in a situation where you could see ghosts and then then a really handsome immortal goblin suddenly shows up saying you are his bride and another handsome grim reaper is after you to take your life because you were suppose to be dead in your mothers womb but the handsome goblin saved your mom giving you life? Most probably not… but this drama would make you wish you were. I mean, if you were the lead female protagonist, you would have to see all those not so pleasing ghosts who have no regards to your privacy and also have an aunt who is like the step mother from Cinderella and only you can pull the sword that the goblin has stuck right in the middle of his chest which ones pulled will lead to his death and also die once but it’s no biggie… it’s a cliche for all imaginative story irrespective of which country a story is based.


a big glowing sword that only the bride of the goblin can see

Also… the goblin (played by Gong Yoo) is 100s of years older than but still really hot. and the grim reaper happens to be the lover of your boss in his past life who ends up killing her and the goblin who was your very beautiful boss’s brother.


the most iconic entry scene in the history of Korean drama

Don’t mean to put any spoilers but hands down… this has been one of my favorite Korean dramas. I really wish that blowing candles would make a wish granting goblin appear was true. All the girls would enjoy that bit of the drama in real life if not the fact that a super handsome grim reaper (played by Lee Dong Work)  lives in the same house as you is constantly waiting for your death.


a charismatic goblin, a cute millionaire heir and a handsome grim reaper… dream combination

Not to forget how amazingly Kim Go Eun acted as the lead.  The chemistry between Gong Yoo and Go Eun made the drama believable and enjoyable.


Go Eun

I recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy, romance and comedy. With a little tragic back story from 100s of years back, you can not stop the mix of different emotion welling up.

my rating: 9.5/10

Cause of the age gap between the leads. A high school student and a 900 years old man.


click for more about goblin



#2 Descendants Of The Sun



Do I need explanation for this? No! It is one of the most popular tv drama ever. It gave rise to Korean dramas world wide as it was broadcasted even on an Indian TV channel. DOTS was a huge success. not to forget that it gave birth to the most adored couple in the industry as the two leads are going to get married by the end of October 2017.


one of the most iconic scenes that made every girls heart flutter…

If you enjoy action packed romance comedy between a special forces captain and a beautiful doctor, this show is for you. Captain Yoo She Jin (Song Joong Ki) falls in love with Dr. Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) when he goes to the hospital to retrieve his stolen phone after he saves a motorcycle thief with the help of the super macho sergeant major Dae Young (played by Jin Goo).


Joonki, hye Kyo, jin goo and ji won respectively


No… the story is not one of those cliche Korean dramas where both the lead male and the second lead male fall for the same girl. Major Dae Young has a love life of his own with the army doctor Soon Myeong Joo (Kim Ji Won).

Due to their difference in the their respective fields of careers, captain yoo and dr. King had to separate. One choose to kill while the others choose to save. I cried when they separated. Later they end up meeting in the country of Uruk where the Korean army had set up a base whereas Dr. Kang was sent as an act of revenge. Then let destiny do the work. An earthquake and an encounter with a terrorist is enough to get the story going without loosing its touch.


Onew from Shinee is also playing a doctor

I think if you want to lure your friends into watching Korean dramas… this is the one you should start with. I recommend this as it got me hooked. DOTS was the one that got me into this craze of Korean dramas.

my rating: 10/10

No flaws! Everything is perfect.

more about Descendants Of The Sun



#3 Hwarang



no… they are not gay… they are best friends who are happy

Count with me… Park Hyunsik, Park Seojoon, Kim Taehyung, Choi Minho, Do Jihan and  Jo Yoon Woo… 6! Six totally drool worthy men in one drama looking gorgeous in their Silla era costumes also beauties like Go Ara and Set Ye JI as leads… what do you expect! It was a hit from the time they decoded on the cast. not that I am only fangirling over the cast, the story is also brilliant.


the beautiful Go Ara

A period drama based during the Kingdom of Silla when an elite group of the most handsome and worthy male was formed to lead and protect the new king who was kept in secret.

With political war between the reigning Queen and the head minister, it was tough for the queen to show the king-to-be (Park Hyunsik)  to anyone. he returns to claim his throne but somehow happen to become an enemy of the lead known as the mad dog (Park Seojoon). yeah.. thats what his name is in the series. he was brought up in the rural areas and was considered an orphan.


Park Seojoon as the mad dog


Park Hyunsik as the unknown king



A story about youth and friendship and trust and old people politics for the throne… blah and blah and blah… cliche love story of two male leaders falling for the female lead (Go Ara). What really stood out was the production of the story. They way the actors carries out their roles and the whole setting. It made the viewers feel like they are in the era with the Hwarang guys and feel the intensity of the place.

my rating: 9/10

Cause they killed Kim Taehyung who is also V from BTS and he happens to be my bias from the group. I shall never forgive them. (sorry for the spoilers)



more about hwarang



#4 Strong Woman Do Bong Soon


If you want something light hearted but with a mix of fantasy and a little action, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is for you. this time the action is from a women, Do Bong Soon. bong soon has been blessed with super strength which runs in the female blood of her family. bong soon is played by Park Boyoung who is really small and cute which does justice to the role as bong soon is suppose to have that surprise element where people don’t know about her super strength.


when the roles changed and the girl is bridal style carrying the guy

However, a CEO of a video game company, Minhyuk (park hyunsik) happens to see her beat up a bunch of thugs and is impressed and wants to hire her as his private body guard. Bong Soon had always dreamt of being a game programmer takes this opportunity and then like any love story, they fall in ove but no too soon.


her reaction overtime Kook Do comes on screen

No story os complete without a rival second lead. Bong Soon’s first love and childhood friend In Kook Do (Ji Soo) is a cop who is more dedicated to his duties as a police officer than to his girlfriend, Joo Her Ji (Seol In A), don’t worry, she ends up with a better guy for her, bong soon’s brother who is a handsome doctor, Dr. Do Bonki (An Woo Yeon).

The love part is complicated but the interesting part is earn they team up and fight the serial kidnapping and a murder case in the neighborhood against women. Hats off to whoever wrote the story, it is really interesting. I won’t give spoilers anymore as I already opened up a lot


Not forgetting, Jang Mi Kwan did an amazing job as the villain. He totally had me hating him through out. His acting skills are remarkable.


Jang Mi Kwan and his role as the kidnapper psycho

Also, I found out there are shops specializing only in walnut pie.

my rating: 10/10

Park Hyunsik makes everything perfect.

more about Strong Woman Do Bong Soon



#5 To The Beautiful You



This is an old one. It was actually my first Korean drama that I ever saw in my life. I found it on youtube as my friend just wouldn’t shut up about Kang Haneul being the most gorgeous guy in the world. (he s good looking though). it might not be anything extra ordinary but since it was my first, it will always have a soft spot in my heart.

If you believe in the magic of haircuts, this is the one for you. If you believe that if a pretty beautiful girl is gets a bowl cut can pass for being a boy and can enroll into an all boys school then you are on the right review. Yes, you read me right.


maybe a bowl cut works on Korean girls


Sulli playing the role of Gu Jae Hee disguises herself as a boy and gets into an all boys school just to support high jump athlete Kang Tae Joon played by Choi Minho after he got injured. she was touched by his jump and that lead to her decision to do so. I know… its absurd but once you see the show, everything falls into place. She can be seen trying hard to avoid changing clothes in the mens locker room and swimming shirtless.

Eun-Gyeol (Lee Hyun-Woo), who is a soccer player at the ports school were they go starts doubting his sexuality as he gets attracted towards Gu Jae Hee who at that time is disguised as a guy.

A super sweet story about a girl trying to fit into an all boys school for her sweet heart. if you like romance, comedy and a bit of drama and a lot of male ego and competition, I recommend it. Though the quality could be a bit old school. it was made in what 2012… which was 5 years ago.

BTW, Kang Haneul is in a negative role but you can still see his abs so it ok.


*nose bleed*

my rating: 8/10

It makes no sense. I bowl cut can’t hide a lot of feminine traits both biologically and physiology.

more about To The Beautiful You


Other commendable dramas that I would suggest you people to watch as they couldn’t make the list cause its just 5 but they are really enjoyable:



while you were sleeping



boys over flowers


cinderella and four knights






my love from another star



playful kiss



scarlet heart: Ryeo



she was pretty


weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo

I think I should stop. My list is never ending but these are some that I would recommend.

Thats all I have got for this week. See you all next time!








6 thoughts on “My Top 5 Korean Dramas

  1. Hwarang, Strong woman Do Bong Soon and Goblin are awesome! I have not watched ‘While you were sleeping’ yet, but many internet users said that the drama is really good. I’ll try to watch the recommended dramas on your list as much as possible and Thanks for sharing your blog!


    • Park Minyoung and Ji Changwook are amazing!! Park Minyoung also stars in recent dramas, whats wrong with secretary Kim and her private life. you should check that out too. they are really funny and entertaining.


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