Welcome to my super awesome blog again! today I am doing something I have already done before but this time its a bit more in format! yeah! it’s a collab! with….. fin! oh.. she is just a normal human being who has not yet been exposed to the glorious world of Kpop! I am going to answer her questions and teach her about … actually… everything about Kpop! so no more wasting time.. lets get to it!



me: ok first of all how the heck do you not know anything about kpop?? IT IS AWESOME.

F: lol i don’t know, i guess i never really got into it.. But like what is Kpop to you?

me: the love of my life! my god! my husband… husbands.

F: wow… how many husbands do you have?

me: 285

F: ok… that’s a lot! Hahaha but tell me more about it!

Me: well… you see Korean pop music not just focuses on producing great music but also put a lot of effort into their visual and fashion which leads to a lot of concept and a lot of good looking and stylish people. If the kpop industry was a shop, it would be one of those boyfriend shops in Japan where you can hire a boyfriend of your type.


F: …

Me: what!

F: tenor

F: Anyway, what did you mean by concept?

Me:  concept is a style that a  group or an idol adopts for an album or their whole career. it can range from simple cute girly styles to fantasy prince to school nerds to bad boy gangsters. like EXO has had their super power concept since their debut and they just somehow put this super power element in all their music video.


EXO in their elements

however, my favorite concept is going to be Black Pink’s bad ass strong girls who will kick your butt if you go against them! 


black pink in your area


F: who do you think is has more popularity, boy groups or girl groups?

Me: well… since korea has been a patriarchal society for so long and even though their is change in balancing the gender equality, boy groups are more popular than girl groups. The girl groups sure are pretty famous but, if you look at the big picture as a fan, girl groups are lesser than boy groups. Even on international level, you see groups like BTS, EXO and Big Bang going to events and winning awards and holding fan meets acroos the whole globe but have you heard of a girl group making it that big? Maybe 2NE1 and a few more, but that’s all. It’s just my opinion though!

F: why do you think that though?

Me: well… once again… the fangirl! We fangirls can go crazy! I have been to concerts and fan meets and have loads of friends who are fans. We stan the girl groups too but … you know what I mean right…. we can really imagine having babies with our girl idols unless we adopt. 


 I am joking (i really am not though)… it’s just that the the guys are promoted better and given more appropriate portrayal by their companies. Where as girls are usually seen in usually just 3 concepts : girly and flowery, slutty or soft porn, and hard core strong women. That’s all they usually have.


APink with the cute concept


AOA with the explicit concept


2NE1 with the strong concept

Also, fanboys are usually shy go all gaga over a certain girl groups. 

F:  can you recommend me some idols or groups I might be interested in listening to?

Me: what kind of music do you like? do you prefer female or male singers? are you interested in dance choreographies? dDo you like groups or solo or duets? What is your ideal type for a guy? or do you want to Stan a girl or girl group?

F: Wait! Stop! Thats too many question for knowing what to like in Kpop! 

Me: well… you did ask for it! 

F: …



Me: what!

F: let it be… next question! How does on become a Kpop star? 

Me: check out my last blogs. I blogged about it. it is a really long and tedious process.  you need to work really hard and luck doesn’t really help here. its all on you. you will realize it once you read it. here is the link to it. ( How to be a Kpop idol )

F: okaaayyyy…. how about the dramas. I heard the idols end up chasing acting as a career after their contract with the companies expire?

Me: are you sure you don’t know anything about Kpop? cause this is really complex thing to know. but I will still answer it. well… you see, the money is in acting. people say be an idol, you will get popular soon. no! its not the case. imagine starting a band with people who are as new to the industry as you and on the other hand being in a movie along side GongYoo? which one do you think will make it big sooner? of course the latter. Korean entertainment industry is not only about one hit wonders or singing dancing machines. the acting industry has its own credibility which is much higher than that of any music company. also, through movies and dramas, the return is obvious. instead of your companies taking away half of your hard earned money and leaving you with the bare minimum, you have already signed contract of how much percentage you are entitles to after the money starts rolling in. and you go where the money is unless you are a saint! 


F: oh! But then I also heard one of my Kpop friends talking about how this certain actor sang at this fan meet. What about that?

me: that, as you know, to survive in the Korean entertainment industry, you need to have more than one skill and being handsome and pretty doesn’t count cause thats a must. so, some of these actors are usually models turned actors and then they are trained but heir modeling agencies to have more than one skill. maybe singing or being a host or dancing or that will keep the audience interested. many of them even sing for the on screen track for their own drama or movie. 


Actor Kim MinJae raps for twenty Again OST

F: do you think I can survive in the Korean industry?

Me: can you sing?

F: tumblr_m8qti9TLlS1rwyi0so1_r1_250

Me: can you dance?


Me: are you extraordinarily pretty? 

F: tumblr_lmffhxxl1v1qej3rco1_500_thumb.gif

Me: …. 


in my head….

F: can I?

Me: you can try! There is no harm in trying, is there !?! hehe…. I will sat you if you succeed! Best of luck… on your journey. (she doesn’t even pass the 1st stage of having talent) 


F: Luck? Didn’t you say it requires hard work more than luck?

Me: trust me girl, you need it. 




To end, thank you all who made it through this interview/conversation without dying. Don’t forget to go check out fin’s blog!fin’s blog She blogs about random stuff under sky mostly reviews and stuff you should know. go check her blog out to know how much she learnt from this conversation that we just had. I hope you guys enjoy her blogs as much as I do.


comment whatever you guys would want to know next about Korea as a culture. it can even be food. I can talk anything Korean except in Korean. You got right! Hehe… no… ok… I will just leave. thank you and don’t forget to comment.






9 thoughts on “KPOP 101 w/Fin

  1. Such a hilarious and informative blog 😂! I really understand your friend, Fin, since she is a non k-pop fan, might don’t understand K-pop industry well. I also agree with you that rather that being talented, having a good luck is also important to become famous among other bands. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your friend’s!


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