Hola! The Korean TV nerd is back! Today I am here for your entertainment again giving you permission to judge me on the basis of my choice of my personal entertainment. Today, it’s going to be Korean variety shows. I prefer my shows comedy with a lot of missions or games though the Korean reality shows give us variety of genre and theme to choose from.

I realized I did the thing upside down last time so let me correct myself this time and start from no. 5!



# 5 Return Of  Superman



One of my favorite shows. Lighthearted and funny, perfect for a Sunday afternoon show (thats actually when it airs). return of superman show case how important a father’s role in bringing up a child is. celebrity fathers are left with their children for 48 hours while the mothers are given 48 hours of free time to go and chill and do everything they couldn’t with their children and husbands around. the fathers then have to carry out tasks that their wives have left for them or go explore something with their children.

Occasionally, they would have their celebrity relatives or friends come over and take care of the kids for them or play with them for sometime while their dads are out doing their work.

The children are super cute and innocent and you cannot stop yourself from going AWWWWW overtime they do something. You will not be able to stop yourself cause they’re exploding cuteness. Unless you hate kids. You will hate this show otherwise.

if you like children and love scrolling through your Instagram and Facebook looking at cute baby pictures or cute kittens… this is the show for you. I mean… who can not watch this show… have you ever checked out how cute and funny and a… three pain in the a** are the song triplets to the father!?!


The Song triplets! 


#4 hello counselor


you are sick and tired of your family and friends nagging you all day long? do you have an everyday problem that people keep pestering you about? do you want to knock some sense into your embarrassing friend or a family member? well well well… this is the show for you.

Hello counselor is a talk show with regular people writing in letters and coming in with their problems that needs to be solved through communication that they cannot do it themselves. With comedians and celebrities helping them and explaining from different aspects of the problem, some comedy and some touching real life stories, the show never fails to entertain you!

not to forget… the set is very warm and cosy where everyone sits on those small cushioned chairs on the floor and have plushies to hold and sometimes even food is ordered. Also! The slide. Every guest has to slide down to come on the stage.  cool!


help counselor set 



#3 2days 1 night


there are many variety shows like this Korean and all of them are my faves. I mean who doesn’t like people going on missions to earn a rewards and falling into cold freezing water if they fail to do it. But the question is how dos this show stand out? Well… they spend more than a few hours doing the missions.

Its in the name! 2 days and 1 night! They cast and guests go on trips all over and around S.Korea and earn points usually during meals like finding a certain local food or playing games to earn a meals. Not only that, they decide who gets to sleep where through the games and the points they earned. Your luck will decide whether they sleep outside in a small tent they have to pitch themselves in the cold of the night or get a warm cozy room wit proper sanitary facilities in a hotel room nearby.

If you are up for games and humor, this is the show. The hosts are really funny and you won’t be able to stop laughing once you start!




#2 knowing brothers


It’s a concept show! With a typical Korean high school as the theme, you will be entertained with humor. The show recently started but its already one of the leading Korean variety shows. We can most idols and actors as guests their promoting their music or films or dramas.

seven men from idols, comedians to retired athletes host the show bullying each other and making us laugh at their stupidity and drooling over female guests and being rivals with the male guests… the show really connects with the young and old.


the end game where the guests requests something for them in the show but then they have to defeat them in a series of games or they will keep one go their belonging is the highlight. they once kept Zico’s (from BlockB) really expensive watch cause he lost.

Not forgetting the role play they do after the games sometimes. It’s usually one of the male idols dressing up as a girl and improv story based on that. Usually its Heechul (from super junior) cross dressing as he is the most girly host of the show.


Kim Heechul as Kim Heemi 

 #1 running manrunning_man_2017_-_keyart.jpg

now time for my favorite! Running Man! I can’t say much about this show cause I am left speechless as a fan of this show for the past 4 years. Been a loyal fan and watch every show first without the subtitles when they come and again with subs! it first started 7 years ago as a hunting and eliminating themed game show where the members of the teams had to find members of the rival group and remove their name tags from their back as they hid in different locations at night.

Later they started shooting it during the day and had more games. The main host Yoo Jae Suk is literally the funniest person on Earth! Along side actors like Lee kwangsoo and Song Jihyo! The cast cannot get any funnier. They have a series of games where they initially won real gold but later it varied on the theme of the day sometimes it was just a gift set or sometimes it was a card that would set you free from the horrendous penalties awaiting later. the new season also gave the members a chance to go abroad to countries like Mongolia and Russia and Japan on tasks and missions. they also were sent to New Zealand as a penalty to ride the scary Nevis swing.

I really can’t write much about this show… you need to watch it to know how funny this show is. It’s an 11 out of  10! Not kidding check it out!


The members being thrown into the cold water as heir team mates answered wrongly. 


This is it for now! hope you enjoyed it and I really recommend this shows for you guys. I mean… if you are into humorous shows. If not… I might blog about other genres too later! For now… byeeeeee!

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