Hello everyone! Even though it has not been long that I started this blog, I already have a writers block! I know it sounds crazy but yeah, I do. However, my extreme procaatisation session during my shower this evening gave me this wonderful idea of sharing my story of how I got into Korean pop music or the Korean entertainment industry. It was like entering Narnia but without Lucy warning me. Like… dude, I have a weak heart (no, I don’t) and I need to be prepared before hand for obsessions like these!


warning: I might sound dramatic a bit… maybe a lot. so.. just hang in there. I promise it might be interesting.

It was a bright sunny Sunday morning. the birds chirped outside my window as the sunlight made way into my room through the white pastel curtains.


my room doesn’t even have a window though… this is all fantasy. 

I would have enjoyed the soft breeze that blew outside swaying my small plants in the garden if only I didn’t had to catch a flight to Singapore in 30 minutes for my SATs! I was running late and a everything around me was in chaos. My father was panicking, my mother was panicking. My Tutor was panicking! Every one around me was panicking! Instead of the usual Sunday Snow White bird song, my mind played hard metal.


Somehow I managed to board the plane and took off to take an exam that I had already failed twice and had no intention of giving up. before I could relax, I was alarmed by something pointy piercing through my bag into my skin. my face turned blue.


I felt like the end of the world! in my hand I held J.M Berrie’s Peterpan and Jean Webster’s Daddy long legs hard covers instead of what had to be my hard made revision notes.


That was it! The end of my life. Atleast that was what I though it was. Little did I know, my irresponsibility would lead me to discover a whole new world I knew little about.


After giving up on life and my dream to get a college degree, I checked out the TV that Jet Airways had provided. I love watching international films and I just went to the Korean section out of decency. All the movies available on the French and Russian sections were had a viewers discretion and it was 2015, I had just turned 18 and I didn’t want to take risks sitting right next to my father to whom I was still an innocent angel. What!? I am still innocent! Sometimes!


getting back on tracks. I went to the Korean section out of decency and came across a EXO Next Door. Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 2.44.21 AM

I thought it was going to be the cliche love story where two or more guys fall for the same girl but the girl likes the one who bullied her the most. Hatred turned into love and all the typical romance but to my amazement… it was different than what I had taken it for. EXO had gripped me. I couldn’t stop watching once I started it. an idol group taking a break to one of the members’ old childhood home where he meets his childhood sweetheart who had forgotten about him. she is forced to work at their house as a maid by her mother who runs a cleaning service company. another members starts liking her but in the end she ends up with the bad boy of the group. sounds cliche again but the acting and directing and the enactment of the story was surprisingly good. I hadn’t expected the production to be this good.

exo next door

EXO K from EXO Next Door

I went on to the music section and found EXO there as no.1 pick by inflight listeners. I felt a kind of familiarity but couldn’t put a finger as to where had I heard that name before. I listened to their album EXODUS thrice and then suddenly it clicked to me!


EXODUS cover

“I literally watched their movie lie 30 minuted ago! Wow… they are singers too! They are good!”

I google EXO as soon as I landed in Singapore. I honestly didn’t really care about the exam I had to take the next day. I didn’t even remember about it until my father reminded me. I was starstruck by EXO. I had memorized the names and birthdays of all 12 members of EXO by just reading them. I really wished that I had that talent with my subjects. It was something new I discovered. That was actually the first thing I had ever memorized in my life. I had failed to memorize a simple math formula for finding an area of a triangle but I somehow knew how tall Chanyeol was (185 cm in 2015).


EXO from 2015 and with all 12 members

I dug more into them and got to know Super junior and girls generation. little did I know, this little research about a certain South Korean boy group will turn my life upside down. Kpop came into my life as a ray of sunshine. Kpop became a lucky charm to me. everything suddenly started falling in place. I managed to get into one of the prestigious university in Thailand. i have friends suddenly. I learned how to remember stuff without actually ripping my hair off my head and most importantly, to my mother’s relief, I confirmed that I am not gay after studying 11 years in an all girls British boarding school.

I mean… have you seen those abs…I meant visuals? Girl… no one can resist those! I mean, of course the talent too! They leave you shook!


My Sunday morning music turned into Sunday morning cover by Jae from Day6 and the days seems brighter cause I had a tune for every situation, even I didn’t know what they mean, they just kinda of fit.


Well… its been 2 years since then and I am still hooked and here is my story of how I got into Kpop.

I would love to know how you all got into Kpop too. I might even feature some of them in my blog sometime. If you have a story, please share and let the world know the magic of Kpop!









thats all for this week! see you guys again next week! have a great week you all!

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