Hello everyone! Its almost the end of the year! (I know its just November but I am one of those people who hype the next festival as soon as the previous ends!) Its almost new year! Yeah… I am so excited to set my new year’s resolution and never accomplish it.

Since the holiday season is approaching fast, i can’t stop imagining the free time I will finally have. College and house chores keep me busy and I would love a nice month long holiday to just lay on bed and binge watch new and old Korean dramas.

Talking about the dramas, I have a list of mini dramas that I can’t wait to watch this holiday season.

Mini dramas are dramas Korean series that air for a lesser time like around 15 minutes to 30 minutes and doesn’t usually go over 12 episodes. They are aired online and not usually on television. its like, watching Korean dramas but then you have a busy schedule and don’t really have time to sit down and enjoy a whole full length series, so mini dramas for you.

For this holiday season, I hereby present to you my most awaited list of mini dramas that I will be watching as soon as its Christmas!


# Someone You May Know

Starring Lee Won Geun and Choi Soo Young. Some one you know is a romantic comedy mystery. Choi Soo Young plays the role of a workoholic program director Lee Ahn. all she is left was with a cell phone from her deceased boyfriend Kim Jin young, of which she has ten tries to unlock as he had something to say to her but he died in the car crash. He died trying to say something to her, and the phone holds the key to what it was.New production director, also names Kim Jin Young played by Lee Wong Guen joins Lee Ahn’s tea. He doesn’t know why Lee Ahn doesn’t refer to him by name. His somewhat obnoxious niceness also means that the depressed Lee Ahn takes an instant disliking to him. Kim Jin Young still falls for Lee Ahn, and he is determined to win her over.

the story is kind of refreshing but by the comments I have read so far, people are anticipating this drama.


Choi Soo young 


Lee Won Gun

# Hip Hop teacher

Gong Seul Ki (Lee Joo Young) is an elementary school music teacher. In a past life, she was once an underground hip hop artist. Today, her life is immensely boring. To enliven the school environment, she breaks with classical rules and teaches her students the art of hip hop.

Kim Yoo Bin (Kim Yura) is a new contract English teacher. She joins the same school and accompanies Gong Seul Ki’s journey to bring some life into education.

As a lover of dance, I really want to see how can she include hip hop dancing in the strict Korean education system. Also, I wanna know is it possible to remember a few cool moves from our last lives. I mean, I would love to remember how to do the flamenco cause some fortune teller told me I was from Spain in my past life.


Lee Joo Young 


Kim Yura 

# Somehow 18


Everyone… get out! Choi Minho is back to rock our screens!

Oh Kyung Hwi (Choi Min Ho) is an orthopedic surgeon. Easy to like and immensely talented, few would think he has not had a happy childhood. In high school, Oh Kyung Hwi was relentlessly bullied and an absolute loner. His only solace was his first love, Han Na Bi (Lee Yoo Bi). She committed suicide.

He has never been able move on from her death. Through something magical, he gets that chance.Oh Kyung Hwi ends up traveling back in time. He finds himself a teenager again. At 18, he is back in high school. He now has a shot at fixing the mistakes of his past and saving the girl he wanted to spend his life with. But that also means he has to fight the bullies he left behind all those years ago

sounds like a rip off of 17 again but with no divorce and more save my first love and fight the bullies in high school feel. whatever it may be… I am still gonna watch it!


Choi Minho 


Lee Yoo Bi

# Last Minute Romance

Baek Se (Han Seung Yeon) an orphan and living a difficult life, she is an optimistic and cheery person. She works at a suicide prevention counseling center. She is also obsessed with celebrities and dreams of someday meeting her idol.

That dream is cut short when Baek Se learns that she is about to die.

Baek Se doesn’t have much time left. To make sure she doesn’t die alone, Baek Se decides to enter a “contract relationship” with Dong Joon (Lee Seo Won). His only talent is that he looks like the star of Baek Se’s dreams.

As Baek Se and Dong Joon get closer to each other, they also get closer to the day they are separated forever. It may just be a contract relationship, but they soon realize there just might be something special in this last minute romance.

a whole new story that I would looove to dive into! can’t I just get a contract like this but without dying? I would love a guy who looks like Lee Set Won!

Lee Seo Won




Han Seung Yeon


Thats all I have for you guys today! hope you guys enjoy these dramas this holiday season! If you have any more to suggest, don’t forget to comment it below.


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