Crying over my misery 


Before I start explaining what my misery is, please check out the link below. It will explain almost 90% of my blog today.

Saw that! 0.4 second! I mean… I didn’t know that faction of time was even measurable! (I am not really good at mathematics)  0.freaking 4 seconds and BAM! Tickets sold out. It takes me a whole one second to blink which is like 999.6 miliseconds more than what these crazy EXO-Ls* took to sell out their concert. No offence as I am an EXO-L too.

*exo-l is the term given to EXO fans. Just like BTS fans are called ARMY. EXO fans are called EXO-L.

first EXO concert in Seoul, South Korea

2% of my remaining misery here is… I am the slowest person on Earth. I could be crowned the queen of indolence and I will live up to that title without any failures. Even though I am an avid fan, I still can never, I repeat, NEVER get the tickets. I wonder how people even manage to move their fingers so fast. For once I tried getting up early and go get tickets for Wanna One fan meet here in Bangkok which is to be held on the 16th of September 2017. I woke up at 6 just make sure I get first in the queue for the tickets and guess what!? I was 62 in line. I talked to the young girl who was first and she told me she has been outside the mall camping for the past 3 days. My sleepy eyes were wide open in shock! Camping outside the mall for 3 days just to get tickets. The sad part is that she didn’t get them cause the people online booked them in a blink of the eye and not forgetting to blame the counter service cause they opened the counters 1 whole minute late. I mean… whom are you kidding. Exo can sell out 24 concerts in those 60 seconds.


the number i was assigned when i got in the queue. they wrote with permanent marker.

Another 2% being, read it carefully… I AM BROKE. that’s what it is. I am broke. I have no money and with all these Hot talented Korean men coming into my life with their endorsed products and albums and concept photobooks and merchandisers and music that-is-NOT-free-on-iTunes (I use Samsung by the way. What! It’s Korean!) The last bit is my friends’ misery.

The concert and fan meet tickets are so expensive. Relating back to my story about my experience in ticket booking of the Wanna One concert, the front section nearest to the stage costs 6000 Baht. 6000 baht just to go look at them smile and sing a song. Not that I mind paying but what about the broke fans who have to work an extra hour or skip a meal just to save money? If people can camp out for 3 days, starving for money is still reasonable.

Not only that, some who get their hands on the tickets make a living out of reselling them at a super high cost. A person I know bought a ticket for over 20000 baht. It’s three times more than the original amount. And guess what? She actually bought it. And not one but 2 so that another wannable* friend of hers can come with her. Honestly, it is a noble deed but you gotta be filthy rich to do such charity.

Wannable is a term for Wanna One fans. Just like EXO-L and ARMY.

rest of my misery in context to being an avid fan of this industry is that these are all interconnected. these concerts are very few here in thailand, which makes it scarce. if a commodity is scarce and the demand is too much, it becomes expensive. if it becomes expensive and people are not able to afford the tickets, the audience and sales are low, and if the sales are low or the audience expected are way below the line, the celebrities tend to come and perform seldomly. if they come seldomly, there presence here becomes scarce. getting me. it goes back to square one.

even though i managed to get my hands on a wanna one fan meet ticket this year, i need to save enough money to be able to camp outside the mall for a week and get a new mobile cellular data package with the fastest internet speed, all those food panda deliveries (cant take the risk to get out of the line just for food) and of course to able to pay for the tickets.


p.s. being a fangirl is not easy, they should pay us.




Absolute Drunk

Thailand is known for its exotic tourist attractions and nightlife. Bangkok alone receives 20.2 million international tourists in 2017, according to Master card’s annual list of most-traveled to cities. it flocks thousands of tourist every year with its nightlife alone.

The nightlife bustles with drinks and farangs (caucasians) in the streets of the capital Soi Cowboy Asoke, Thonglor and most famous of them all the Khaosan road is ever crowded.

Like Tucker Max, American author and public speaker, says,” the devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you’ve ever wished for.”

The nightlife red light districts are also full of illegal activities like drugs and sex trafficking. but being new to the world of reporting, I decided to report on something smaller and the thing i had first hand encounter with. illegal parking on the sidewalk.

Imagine being drunk from partying all night with your friends at Khaosan and by sunrise you finally decide to leave for home. hungry and broke you try to walk out of loud and crowded street or bars and clubs when you suddenly hit a motorbike parked on the path that is designated for people to walk on. you will be furious. not only did he hurt you but it broke two laws at one time.

Section 19 of Act on the Maintenance of the Cleanliness and Orderliness of the Country, B.E. 2535 (1992):

“No one shall place, put or pile any object on the road except in the area specified by the local official or the competent official by making an announcement with the approval of the traffic official.”


Section 17 of Act on the Maintenance of the Cleanliness and Orderliness of the Country, B.E. 2535 (1992):

“No one shall:

(1) take any action to impair the pavement;

(2) park or drive or ride a car, motorbike or wheeled vehicle on the pavement except for parking or driving to enter the building or there is an announcement of the traffic officer to allow such parking or driving. “  

Something similar happened with my friend whom I was a witness to. it was a dull night of 26th January, 2019 when my friends and i decided to go to Khaosan to let loose of university stress. We walked our car at Wat Bowonniwet near the Khaosan street and went in to look around a little.

My friend was too excited and didn’t see the series of scooters parked in front and almost crashed into them.

“Is this suppose to be here?” she asked. There were a group of men sitting by the scooters and they glared at us. We apologised and moved away. I could only think to myself what if someone absolutely drunk was in place and had actually fallen and hurt himself and ran in with the sitting thugs. The violence would would be bloody.

scooters and motorbikes parked at the sidewalk with the no parking sign right in front

I took some pictures and reported it to it’s a government website that lets civilians report anything illegal.

my report in Thai

It heard from them soon after the very same day. I was surprised by the speed they worked at. They asked me all the relevant questions about the location and what exactly happened and concerned for my safety as the thugs didn’t sound friendly at all.

After numerous phone calls, i finally got one last call saying that my case was taken care of and that there will be no more illegal parking in the area.

To check it myself i went to de-stress again with my friends a few days later and found more signs saying not to park there.

more signs

I was shocked to see policemen taken rounds in the area too. I felt accomplished. I felt i rescued some drunk partier from getting beaten to death if not hurting himself from falling on the bikes.

police on his rounds in the area

My take from this report:

To trust the law and be confident and brave when reporting. I am only asking for my rights as the citizen of thailand. I am not encroaching or hurting anyone. I am just doing whatever i can to keep the nation in order and harmony.

Also, it takes a lot to report. People fear that when they report something, they are digging their own grave. I learnt that we don’t need to be scared at all. It doesn’t matter if we are reporting something or small, the law enforcement is there to help us and we will make their job easier by telling these small laws being broken.

United Nations, United World



United Nations, founded in 1945, stands in its grandeur as a proof of peace and unity that was compromised during the World wars. After the League of Nations failed to prevent the second world war, the allies came together and signed the treaty of the United Nations to bring back the harmony of the countries that then housed the pain and agony of the two major wars.

I had always dreamt of working with the United Nations. the dream is still a work in progress however, on the 19th of April, 2019 I had the opportunity to see visit the UNESCAP headquarters in Bangkok.  

An hour drive from Thammasat University, Rangsit campus, Thailand. i shared a van with around 15 other classmates of mine. 


we arrived at UNESCAP HQ at around noon. we were welcomed by our Professor, Mr. Bruce Avasadanond. he was kind enough to arrange this visit for us.

as soon as we entered the UNCC building, we were left mesmerized by various artworks gifted by different member states.

the wide reception area
the sun and moon ceiling gifted by the Thai government

the ceiling was a a gift from the Thai government. the mural depicting the sun and the moon rotating the world that is in the centre. other than that, there were Chinese vases and Australian wood work.

Australian wood work
Chinese vase

we were led by a really sweet lady who took us all around ESCAP HQ. Tuenjai Chuabsamai started with a brief history of the place and the agency.

did you know, the Thai government rents the UN the land and area only for 1USD per annum. shocker!

we then went to a conference. it was the second biggest conference room.

the room had two floors. the bottom floor is for the delegations to meet and discuss. the second floor is for the translators. the UN has 5 official languages: English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Mandarin. the UNESCAP however has two, English and French. they have real time translation.

after the tour of the conference room, we were led to a smaller meeting room that was booked for the BJM students from Thammasat especially.

we were welcomed by Anthitha Preeyanon, a UN library staff, who showed us an introductory video about the United Nations. i have to say, it is a pretty catchy song. here is the link to the song

she explained us the works of the UN and ESCAP. the UN stands on its core mandates and solely works for the purpose if it. in simple words, they would be:

  1. maintain peace and security
  2. develop friendship among the member states
  3. solve international problems
  4. to be the centre of harmonizing the actions of the nations

fun fact: the ESCAP was initially names ECAFE abbreviation of Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East) it was only later did they realize that Asia is not really that far east. it was renamed in 1947. thanks to globalization.

We also met with Mr. Arun Jacob, from environment and development division. he educated us on the SDGs, ie: the Sustainable Developments Goals.

since the MDGs did not quite reach their set their goal in the set 15 years time span, UN designed another plan with more target and indicators. the MDGs ( Millennium Development Goals) failed to work due to their checklist system so SDGs are planned to be interconnected. this interconnection between the goals fall under three pillars :

  1. social
  2. economic
  3. environment

Mr. Arun is was actually a very interesting speaker. he made us realize the relevance of the goals and how they fail and succeed. he made it playful and was funny.

last but not least, we were introduced to the last two speakers from the Human Resources department after a short break.

Sinee Norrachetwuttiwai, Human Resources Assistant at United Nations ESCAP, and Anna-Lena Vinke, Associate Human Resources Officer at United Nations ESCAP, presenting about the opportunity to work at the UN.
picture courtesy:

they talked about the different career opportunities at the UN, focusing mainly at UNESCAP. there are many ways one can get a job at UN.

  1. ESCAP Internship program
  2. UN Volunteer program
  3. Young Professional program
  4. Junior Professional officer

they stressed on the importance of preparing before hand and tailoring our application for a specific agency or position we wish to apply for. as the saying goes, “jack of all trade, ace of none.” we have more chances of getting the job of we prove our worth for one specific position rather than applying for all.

also, they don’t accept emails. only online formats they open for and Linked in.

they recommend making an account on Inspira when applying

they also came bearing gifts. T-shirts and tote bags for people who asked questions. i was lucky enough to win a t-shirt.

talking of freebies, i also won a notebook for winning a round of Kahoot on the general knowledge about UN.

for people who didnt win anything, there is a small gift shop on the second floor. it has small gifts and souvenirs of which the earnings go to charity.

before i end my experience of this amazing and educating visit to the UNESCAP, i would like to point out a funny thing i failed to notice until i sat on the van returning to the university at around 5:00 p.m.

our visitor’s ID misspelled our university. instead of Thammasat university, it read ThaMAMsat university.

now that i re-read it, its not that funny. but typos are always funny.

I really enjoyed this visit to the UNSCAP and I can only wish now that I ever get to work there. this was a wholesome experience.

Holiday Binge Watching List

Hello everyone! Its almost the end of the year! (I know its just November but I am one of those people who hype the next festival as soon as the previous ends!) Its almost new year! Yeah… I am so excited to set my new year’s resolution and never accomplish it.

Since the holiday season is approaching fast, i can’t stop imagining the free time I will finally have. College and house chores keep me busy and I would love a nice month long holiday to just lay on bed and binge watch new and old Korean dramas.

Talking about the dramas, I have a list of mini dramas that I can’t wait to watch this holiday season.

Mini dramas are dramas Korean series that air for a lesser time like around 15 minutes to 30 minutes and doesn’t usually go over 12 episodes. They are aired online and not usually on television. its like, watching Korean dramas but then you have a busy schedule and don’t really have time to sit down and enjoy a whole full length series, so mini dramas for you.

For this holiday season, I hereby present to you my most awaited list of mini dramas that I will be watching as soon as its Christmas!


# Someone You May Know

Starring Lee Won Geun and Choi Soo Young. Some one you know is a romantic comedy mystery. Choi Soo Young plays the role of a workoholic program director Lee Ahn. all she is left was with a cell phone from her deceased boyfriend Kim Jin young, of which she has ten tries to unlock as he had something to say to her but he died in the car crash. He died trying to say something to her, and the phone holds the key to what it was.New production director, also names Kim Jin Young played by Lee Wong Guen joins Lee Ahn’s tea. He doesn’t know why Lee Ahn doesn’t refer to him by name. His somewhat obnoxious niceness also means that the depressed Lee Ahn takes an instant disliking to him. Kim Jin Young still falls for Lee Ahn, and he is determined to win her over.

the story is kind of refreshing but by the comments I have read so far, people are anticipating this drama.


Choi Soo young 


Lee Won Gun

# Hip Hop teacher

Gong Seul Ki (Lee Joo Young) is an elementary school music teacher. In a past life, she was once an underground hip hop artist. Today, her life is immensely boring. To enliven the school environment, she breaks with classical rules and teaches her students the art of hip hop.

Kim Yoo Bin (Kim Yura) is a new contract English teacher. She joins the same school and accompanies Gong Seul Ki’s journey to bring some life into education.

As a lover of dance, I really want to see how can she include hip hop dancing in the strict Korean education system. Also, I wanna know is it possible to remember a few cool moves from our last lives. I mean, I would love to remember how to do the flamenco cause some fortune teller told me I was from Spain in my past life.


Lee Joo Young 


Kim Yura 

# Somehow 18


Everyone… get out! Choi Minho is back to rock our screens!

Oh Kyung Hwi (Choi Min Ho) is an orthopedic surgeon. Easy to like and immensely talented, few would think he has not had a happy childhood. In high school, Oh Kyung Hwi was relentlessly bullied and an absolute loner. His only solace was his first love, Han Na Bi (Lee Yoo Bi). She committed suicide.

He has never been able move on from her death. Through something magical, he gets that chance.Oh Kyung Hwi ends up traveling back in time. He finds himself a teenager again. At 18, he is back in high school. He now has a shot at fixing the mistakes of his past and saving the girl he wanted to spend his life with. But that also means he has to fight the bullies he left behind all those years ago

sounds like a rip off of 17 again but with no divorce and more save my first love and fight the bullies in high school feel. whatever it may be… I am still gonna watch it!


Choi Minho 


Lee Yoo Bi

# Last Minute Romance

Baek Se (Han Seung Yeon) an orphan and living a difficult life, she is an optimistic and cheery person. She works at a suicide prevention counseling center. She is also obsessed with celebrities and dreams of someday meeting her idol.

That dream is cut short when Baek Se learns that she is about to die.

Baek Se doesn’t have much time left. To make sure she doesn’t die alone, Baek Se decides to enter a “contract relationship” with Dong Joon (Lee Seo Won). His only talent is that he looks like the star of Baek Se’s dreams.

As Baek Se and Dong Joon get closer to each other, they also get closer to the day they are separated forever. It may just be a contract relationship, but they soon realize there just might be something special in this last minute romance.

a whole new story that I would looove to dive into! can’t I just get a contract like this but without dying? I would love a guy who looks like Lee Set Won!

Lee Seo Won




Han Seung Yeon


Thats all I have for you guys today! hope you guys enjoy these dramas this holiday season! If you have any more to suggest, don’t forget to comment it below.


My Story

Hello everyone! Even though it has not been long that I started this blog, I already have a writers block! I know it sounds crazy but yeah, I do. However, my extreme procaatisation session during my shower this evening gave me this wonderful idea of sharing my story of how I got into Korean pop music or the Korean entertainment industry. It was like entering Narnia but without Lucy warning me. Like… dude, I have a weak heart (no, I don’t) and I need to be prepared before hand for obsessions like these!


warning: I might sound dramatic a bit… maybe a lot. so.. just hang in there. I promise it might be interesting.

It was a bright sunny Sunday morning. the birds chirped outside my window as the sunlight made way into my room through the white pastel curtains.


my room doesn’t even have a window though… this is all fantasy. 

I would have enjoyed the soft breeze that blew outside swaying my small plants in the garden if only I didn’t had to catch a flight to Singapore in 30 minutes for my SATs! I was running late and a everything around me was in chaos. My father was panicking, my mother was panicking. My Tutor was panicking! Every one around me was panicking! Instead of the usual Sunday Snow White bird song, my mind played hard metal.


Somehow I managed to board the plane and took off to take an exam that I had already failed twice and had no intention of giving up. before I could relax, I was alarmed by something pointy piercing through my bag into my skin. my face turned blue.


I felt like the end of the world! in my hand I held J.M Berrie’s Peterpan and Jean Webster’s Daddy long legs hard covers instead of what had to be my hard made revision notes.


That was it! The end of my life. Atleast that was what I though it was. Little did I know, my irresponsibility would lead me to discover a whole new world I knew little about.


After giving up on life and my dream to get a college degree, I checked out the TV that Jet Airways had provided. I love watching international films and I just went to the Korean section out of decency. All the movies available on the French and Russian sections were had a viewers discretion and it was 2015, I had just turned 18 and I didn’t want to take risks sitting right next to my father to whom I was still an innocent angel. What!? I am still innocent! Sometimes!


getting back on tracks. I went to the Korean section out of decency and came across a EXO Next Door. Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 2.44.21 AM

I thought it was going to be the cliche love story where two or more guys fall for the same girl but the girl likes the one who bullied her the most. Hatred turned into love and all the typical romance but to my amazement… it was different than what I had taken it for. EXO had gripped me. I couldn’t stop watching once I started it. an idol group taking a break to one of the members’ old childhood home where he meets his childhood sweetheart who had forgotten about him. she is forced to work at their house as a maid by her mother who runs a cleaning service company. another members starts liking her but in the end she ends up with the bad boy of the group. sounds cliche again but the acting and directing and the enactment of the story was surprisingly good. I hadn’t expected the production to be this good.

exo next door

EXO K from EXO Next Door

I went on to the music section and found EXO there as no.1 pick by inflight listeners. I felt a kind of familiarity but couldn’t put a finger as to where had I heard that name before. I listened to their album EXODUS thrice and then suddenly it clicked to me!


EXODUS cover

“I literally watched their movie lie 30 minuted ago! Wow… they are singers too! They are good!”

I google EXO as soon as I landed in Singapore. I honestly didn’t really care about the exam I had to take the next day. I didn’t even remember about it until my father reminded me. I was starstruck by EXO. I had memorized the names and birthdays of all 12 members of EXO by just reading them. I really wished that I had that talent with my subjects. It was something new I discovered. That was actually the first thing I had ever memorized in my life. I had failed to memorize a simple math formula for finding an area of a triangle but I somehow knew how tall Chanyeol was (185 cm in 2015).


EXO from 2015 and with all 12 members

I dug more into them and got to know Super junior and girls generation. little did I know, this little research about a certain South Korean boy group will turn my life upside down. Kpop came into my life as a ray of sunshine. Kpop became a lucky charm to me. everything suddenly started falling in place. I managed to get into one of the prestigious university in Thailand. i have friends suddenly. I learned how to remember stuff without actually ripping my hair off my head and most importantly, to my mother’s relief, I confirmed that I am not gay after studying 11 years in an all girls British boarding school.

I mean… have you seen those abs…I meant visuals? Girl… no one can resist those! I mean, of course the talent too! They leave you shook!


My Sunday morning music turned into Sunday morning cover by Jae from Day6 and the days seems brighter cause I had a tune for every situation, even I didn’t know what they mean, they just kinda of fit.


Well… its been 2 years since then and I am still hooked and here is my story of how I got into Kpop.

I would love to know how you all got into Kpop too. I might even feature some of them in my blog sometime. If you have a story, please share and let the world know the magic of Kpop!









thats all for this week! see you guys again next week! have a great week you all!

Reality TV Nerd (Top 5)

Hola! The Korean TV nerd is back! Today I am here for your entertainment again giving you permission to judge me on the basis of my choice of my personal entertainment. Today, it’s going to be Korean variety shows. I prefer my shows comedy with a lot of missions or games though the Korean reality shows give us variety of genre and theme to choose from.

I realized I did the thing upside down last time so let me correct myself this time and start from no. 5!



# 5 Return Of  Superman



One of my favorite shows. Lighthearted and funny, perfect for a Sunday afternoon show (thats actually when it airs). return of superman show case how important a father’s role in bringing up a child is. celebrity fathers are left with their children for 48 hours while the mothers are given 48 hours of free time to go and chill and do everything they couldn’t with their children and husbands around. the fathers then have to carry out tasks that their wives have left for them or go explore something with their children.

Occasionally, they would have their celebrity relatives or friends come over and take care of the kids for them or play with them for sometime while their dads are out doing their work.

The children are super cute and innocent and you cannot stop yourself from going AWWWWW overtime they do something. You will not be able to stop yourself cause they’re exploding cuteness. Unless you hate kids. You will hate this show otherwise.

if you like children and love scrolling through your Instagram and Facebook looking at cute baby pictures or cute kittens… this is the show for you. I mean… who can not watch this show… have you ever checked out how cute and funny and a… three pain in the a** are the song triplets to the father!?!


The Song triplets! 


#4 hello counselor


you are sick and tired of your family and friends nagging you all day long? do you have an everyday problem that people keep pestering you about? do you want to knock some sense into your embarrassing friend or a family member? well well well… this is the show for you.

Hello counselor is a talk show with regular people writing in letters and coming in with their problems that needs to be solved through communication that they cannot do it themselves. With comedians and celebrities helping them and explaining from different aspects of the problem, some comedy and some touching real life stories, the show never fails to entertain you!

not to forget… the set is very warm and cosy where everyone sits on those small cushioned chairs on the floor and have plushies to hold and sometimes even food is ordered. Also! The slide. Every guest has to slide down to come on the stage.  cool!


help counselor set 



#3 2days 1 night


there are many variety shows like this Korean and all of them are my faves. I mean who doesn’t like people going on missions to earn a rewards and falling into cold freezing water if they fail to do it. But the question is how dos this show stand out? Well… they spend more than a few hours doing the missions.

Its in the name! 2 days and 1 night! They cast and guests go on trips all over and around S.Korea and earn points usually during meals like finding a certain local food or playing games to earn a meals. Not only that, they decide who gets to sleep where through the games and the points they earned. Your luck will decide whether they sleep outside in a small tent they have to pitch themselves in the cold of the night or get a warm cozy room wit proper sanitary facilities in a hotel room nearby.

If you are up for games and humor, this is the show. The hosts are really funny and you won’t be able to stop laughing once you start!




#2 knowing brothers


It’s a concept show! With a typical Korean high school as the theme, you will be entertained with humor. The show recently started but its already one of the leading Korean variety shows. We can most idols and actors as guests their promoting their music or films or dramas.

seven men from idols, comedians to retired athletes host the show bullying each other and making us laugh at their stupidity and drooling over female guests and being rivals with the male guests… the show really connects with the young and old.


the end game where the guests requests something for them in the show but then they have to defeat them in a series of games or they will keep one go their belonging is the highlight. they once kept Zico’s (from BlockB) really expensive watch cause he lost.

Not forgetting the role play they do after the games sometimes. It’s usually one of the male idols dressing up as a girl and improv story based on that. Usually its Heechul (from super junior) cross dressing as he is the most girly host of the show.


Kim Heechul as Kim Heemi 

 #1 running manrunning_man_2017_-_keyart.jpg

now time for my favorite! Running Man! I can’t say much about this show cause I am left speechless as a fan of this show for the past 4 years. Been a loyal fan and watch every show first without the subtitles when they come and again with subs! it first started 7 years ago as a hunting and eliminating themed game show where the members of the teams had to find members of the rival group and remove their name tags from their back as they hid in different locations at night.

Later they started shooting it during the day and had more games. The main host Yoo Jae Suk is literally the funniest person on Earth! Along side actors like Lee kwangsoo and Song Jihyo! The cast cannot get any funnier. They have a series of games where they initially won real gold but later it varied on the theme of the day sometimes it was just a gift set or sometimes it was a card that would set you free from the horrendous penalties awaiting later. the new season also gave the members a chance to go abroad to countries like Mongolia and Russia and Japan on tasks and missions. they also were sent to New Zealand as a penalty to ride the scary Nevis swing.

I really can’t write much about this show… you need to watch it to know how funny this show is. It’s an 11 out of  10! Not kidding check it out!


The members being thrown into the cold water as heir team mates answered wrongly. 


This is it for now! hope you enjoyed it and I really recommend this shows for you guys. I mean… if you are into humorous shows. If not… I might blog about other genres too later! For now… byeeeeee!

KPOP 101 w/Fin

Welcome to my super awesome blog again! today I am doing something I have already done before but this time its a bit more in format! yeah! it’s a collab! with….. fin! oh.. she is just a normal human being who has not yet been exposed to the glorious world of Kpop! I am going to answer her questions and teach her about … actually… everything about Kpop! so no more wasting time.. lets get to it!



me: ok first of all how the heck do you not know anything about kpop?? IT IS AWESOME.

F: lol i don’t know, i guess i never really got into it.. But like what is Kpop to you?

me: the love of my life! my god! my husband… husbands.

F: wow… how many husbands do you have?

me: 285

F: ok… that’s a lot! Hahaha but tell me more about it!

Me: well… you see Korean pop music not just focuses on producing great music but also put a lot of effort into their visual and fashion which leads to a lot of concept and a lot of good looking and stylish people. If the kpop industry was a shop, it would be one of those boyfriend shops in Japan where you can hire a boyfriend of your type.


F: …

Me: what!

F: tenor

F: Anyway, what did you mean by concept?

Me:  concept is a style that a  group or an idol adopts for an album or their whole career. it can range from simple cute girly styles to fantasy prince to school nerds to bad boy gangsters. like EXO has had their super power concept since their debut and they just somehow put this super power element in all their music video.


EXO in their elements

however, my favorite concept is going to be Black Pink’s bad ass strong girls who will kick your butt if you go against them! 


black pink in your area


F: who do you think is has more popularity, boy groups or girl groups?

Me: well… since korea has been a patriarchal society for so long and even though their is change in balancing the gender equality, boy groups are more popular than girl groups. The girl groups sure are pretty famous but, if you look at the big picture as a fan, girl groups are lesser than boy groups. Even on international level, you see groups like BTS, EXO and Big Bang going to events and winning awards and holding fan meets acroos the whole globe but have you heard of a girl group making it that big? Maybe 2NE1 and a few more, but that’s all. It’s just my opinion though!

F: why do you think that though?

Me: well… once again… the fangirl! We fangirls can go crazy! I have been to concerts and fan meets and have loads of friends who are fans. We stan the girl groups too but … you know what I mean right…. we can really imagine having babies with our girl idols unless we adopt. 


 I am joking (i really am not though)… it’s just that the the guys are promoted better and given more appropriate portrayal by their companies. Where as girls are usually seen in usually just 3 concepts : girly and flowery, slutty or soft porn, and hard core strong women. That’s all they usually have.


APink with the cute concept


AOA with the explicit concept


2NE1 with the strong concept

Also, fanboys are usually shy go all gaga over a certain girl groups. 

F:  can you recommend me some idols or groups I might be interested in listening to?

Me: what kind of music do you like? do you prefer female or male singers? are you interested in dance choreographies? dDo you like groups or solo or duets? What is your ideal type for a guy? or do you want to Stan a girl or girl group?

F: Wait! Stop! Thats too many question for knowing what to like in Kpop! 

Me: well… you did ask for it! 

F: …



Me: what!

F: let it be… next question! How does on become a Kpop star? 

Me: check out my last blogs. I blogged about it. it is a really long and tedious process.  you need to work really hard and luck doesn’t really help here. its all on you. you will realize it once you read it. here is the link to it. ( How to be a Kpop idol )

F: okaaayyyy…. how about the dramas. I heard the idols end up chasing acting as a career after their contract with the companies expire?

Me: are you sure you don’t know anything about Kpop? cause this is really complex thing to know. but I will still answer it. well… you see, the money is in acting. people say be an idol, you will get popular soon. no! its not the case. imagine starting a band with people who are as new to the industry as you and on the other hand being in a movie along side GongYoo? which one do you think will make it big sooner? of course the latter. Korean entertainment industry is not only about one hit wonders or singing dancing machines. the acting industry has its own credibility which is much higher than that of any music company. also, through movies and dramas, the return is obvious. instead of your companies taking away half of your hard earned money and leaving you with the bare minimum, you have already signed contract of how much percentage you are entitles to after the money starts rolling in. and you go where the money is unless you are a saint! 


F: oh! But then I also heard one of my Kpop friends talking about how this certain actor sang at this fan meet. What about that?

me: that, as you know, to survive in the Korean entertainment industry, you need to have more than one skill and being handsome and pretty doesn’t count cause thats a must. so, some of these actors are usually models turned actors and then they are trained but heir modeling agencies to have more than one skill. maybe singing or being a host or dancing or that will keep the audience interested. many of them even sing for the on screen track for their own drama or movie. 


Actor Kim MinJae raps for twenty Again OST

F: do you think I can survive in the Korean industry?

Me: can you sing?

F: tumblr_m8qti9TLlS1rwyi0so1_r1_250

Me: can you dance?


Me: are you extraordinarily pretty? 

F: tumblr_lmffhxxl1v1qej3rco1_500_thumb.gif

Me: …. 


in my head….

F: can I?

Me: you can try! There is no harm in trying, is there !?! hehe…. I will sat you if you succeed! Best of luck… on your journey. (she doesn’t even pass the 1st stage of having talent) 


F: Luck? Didn’t you say it requires hard work more than luck?

Me: trust me girl, you need it. 




To end, thank you all who made it through this interview/conversation without dying. Don’t forget to go check out fin’s blog!fin’s blog She blogs about random stuff under sky mostly reviews and stuff you should know. go check her blog out to know how much she learnt from this conversation that we just had. I hope you guys enjoy her blogs as much as I do.


comment whatever you guys would want to know next about Korea as a culture. it can even be food. I can talk anything Korean except in Korean. You got right! Hehe… no… ok… I will just leave. thank you and don’t forget to comment.






My Top 5 Korean Dramas

Annyeong chingu! No, it is not a bad word. Its Korean for hello my friends! like I mentioned in my last warning blog about my new segment,  I shall be talking about my top 5 favorite Korean dramas.

Dramas as in not the genre drama but it is a term used for soap operas or television series. Their genres range from anything to anything! You name, they have it! However… lets just start with it cause I am really excited to share and let you all know about this side of Korean entertainment industry! Korean television series AKA Korean dramas.



#1 Goblin


Were you ever in a situation where you could see ghosts and then then a really handsome immortal goblin suddenly shows up saying you are his bride and another handsome grim reaper is after you to take your life because you were suppose to be dead in your mothers womb but the handsome goblin saved your mom giving you life? Most probably not… but this drama would make you wish you were. I mean, if you were the lead female protagonist, you would have to see all those not so pleasing ghosts who have no regards to your privacy and also have an aunt who is like the step mother from Cinderella and only you can pull the sword that the goblin has stuck right in the middle of his chest which ones pulled will lead to his death and also die once but it’s no biggie… it’s a cliche for all imaginative story irrespective of which country a story is based.


a big glowing sword that only the bride of the goblin can see

Also… the goblin (played by Gong Yoo) is 100s of years older than but still really hot. and the grim reaper happens to be the lover of your boss in his past life who ends up killing her and the goblin who was your very beautiful boss’s brother.


the most iconic entry scene in the history of Korean drama

Don’t mean to put any spoilers but hands down… this has been one of my favorite Korean dramas. I really wish that blowing candles would make a wish granting goblin appear was true. All the girls would enjoy that bit of the drama in real life if not the fact that a super handsome grim reaper (played by Lee Dong Work)  lives in the same house as you is constantly waiting for your death.


a charismatic goblin, a cute millionaire heir and a handsome grim reaper… dream combination

Not to forget how amazingly Kim Go Eun acted as the lead.  The chemistry between Gong Yoo and Go Eun made the drama believable and enjoyable.


Go Eun

I recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy, romance and comedy. With a little tragic back story from 100s of years back, you can not stop the mix of different emotion welling up.

my rating: 9.5/10

Cause of the age gap between the leads. A high school student and a 900 years old man.


click for more about goblin



#2 Descendants Of The Sun



Do I need explanation for this? No! It is one of the most popular tv drama ever. It gave rise to Korean dramas world wide as it was broadcasted even on an Indian TV channel. DOTS was a huge success. not to forget that it gave birth to the most adored couple in the industry as the two leads are going to get married by the end of October 2017.


one of the most iconic scenes that made every girls heart flutter…

If you enjoy action packed romance comedy between a special forces captain and a beautiful doctor, this show is for you. Captain Yoo She Jin (Song Joong Ki) falls in love with Dr. Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) when he goes to the hospital to retrieve his stolen phone after he saves a motorcycle thief with the help of the super macho sergeant major Dae Young (played by Jin Goo).


Joonki, hye Kyo, jin goo and ji won respectively


No… the story is not one of those cliche Korean dramas where both the lead male and the second lead male fall for the same girl. Major Dae Young has a love life of his own with the army doctor Soon Myeong Joo (Kim Ji Won).

Due to their difference in the their respective fields of careers, captain yoo and dr. King had to separate. One choose to kill while the others choose to save. I cried when they separated. Later they end up meeting in the country of Uruk where the Korean army had set up a base whereas Dr. Kang was sent as an act of revenge. Then let destiny do the work. An earthquake and an encounter with a terrorist is enough to get the story going without loosing its touch.


Onew from Shinee is also playing a doctor

I think if you want to lure your friends into watching Korean dramas… this is the one you should start with. I recommend this as it got me hooked. DOTS was the one that got me into this craze of Korean dramas.

my rating: 10/10

No flaws! Everything is perfect.

more about Descendants Of The Sun



#3 Hwarang



no… they are not gay… they are best friends who are happy

Count with me… Park Hyunsik, Park Seojoon, Kim Taehyung, Choi Minho, Do Jihan and  Jo Yoon Woo… 6! Six totally drool worthy men in one drama looking gorgeous in their Silla era costumes also beauties like Go Ara and Set Ye JI as leads… what do you expect! It was a hit from the time they decoded on the cast. not that I am only fangirling over the cast, the story is also brilliant.


the beautiful Go Ara

A period drama based during the Kingdom of Silla when an elite group of the most handsome and worthy male was formed to lead and protect the new king who was kept in secret.

With political war between the reigning Queen and the head minister, it was tough for the queen to show the king-to-be (Park Hyunsik)  to anyone. he returns to claim his throne but somehow happen to become an enemy of the lead known as the mad dog (Park Seojoon). yeah.. thats what his name is in the series. he was brought up in the rural areas and was considered an orphan.


Park Seojoon as the mad dog


Park Hyunsik as the unknown king



A story about youth and friendship and trust and old people politics for the throne… blah and blah and blah… cliche love story of two male leaders falling for the female lead (Go Ara). What really stood out was the production of the story. They way the actors carries out their roles and the whole setting. It made the viewers feel like they are in the era with the Hwarang guys and feel the intensity of the place.

my rating: 9/10

Cause they killed Kim Taehyung who is also V from BTS and he happens to be my bias from the group. I shall never forgive them. (sorry for the spoilers)



more about hwarang



#4 Strong Woman Do Bong Soon


If you want something light hearted but with a mix of fantasy and a little action, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is for you. this time the action is from a women, Do Bong Soon. bong soon has been blessed with super strength which runs in the female blood of her family. bong soon is played by Park Boyoung who is really small and cute which does justice to the role as bong soon is suppose to have that surprise element where people don’t know about her super strength.


when the roles changed and the girl is bridal style carrying the guy

However, a CEO of a video game company, Minhyuk (park hyunsik) happens to see her beat up a bunch of thugs and is impressed and wants to hire her as his private body guard. Bong Soon had always dreamt of being a game programmer takes this opportunity and then like any love story, they fall in ove but no too soon.


her reaction overtime Kook Do comes on screen

No story os complete without a rival second lead. Bong Soon’s first love and childhood friend In Kook Do (Ji Soo) is a cop who is more dedicated to his duties as a police officer than to his girlfriend, Joo Her Ji (Seol In A), don’t worry, she ends up with a better guy for her, bong soon’s brother who is a handsome doctor, Dr. Do Bonki (An Woo Yeon).

The love part is complicated but the interesting part is earn they team up and fight the serial kidnapping and a murder case in the neighborhood against women. Hats off to whoever wrote the story, it is really interesting. I won’t give spoilers anymore as I already opened up a lot


Not forgetting, Jang Mi Kwan did an amazing job as the villain. He totally had me hating him through out. His acting skills are remarkable.


Jang Mi Kwan and his role as the kidnapper psycho

Also, I found out there are shops specializing only in walnut pie.

my rating: 10/10

Park Hyunsik makes everything perfect.

more about Strong Woman Do Bong Soon



#5 To The Beautiful You



This is an old one. It was actually my first Korean drama that I ever saw in my life. I found it on youtube as my friend just wouldn’t shut up about Kang Haneul being the most gorgeous guy in the world. (he s good looking though). it might not be anything extra ordinary but since it was my first, it will always have a soft spot in my heart.

If you believe in the magic of haircuts, this is the one for you. If you believe that if a pretty beautiful girl is gets a bowl cut can pass for being a boy and can enroll into an all boys school then you are on the right review. Yes, you read me right.


maybe a bowl cut works on Korean girls


Sulli playing the role of Gu Jae Hee disguises herself as a boy and gets into an all boys school just to support high jump athlete Kang Tae Joon played by Choi Minho after he got injured. she was touched by his jump and that lead to her decision to do so. I know… its absurd but once you see the show, everything falls into place. She can be seen trying hard to avoid changing clothes in the mens locker room and swimming shirtless.

Eun-Gyeol (Lee Hyun-Woo), who is a soccer player at the ports school were they go starts doubting his sexuality as he gets attracted towards Gu Jae Hee who at that time is disguised as a guy.

A super sweet story about a girl trying to fit into an all boys school for her sweet heart. if you like romance, comedy and a bit of drama and a lot of male ego and competition, I recommend it. Though the quality could be a bit old school. it was made in what 2012… which was 5 years ago.

BTW, Kang Haneul is in a negative role but you can still see his abs so it ok.


*nose bleed*

my rating: 8/10

It makes no sense. I bowl cut can’t hide a lot of feminine traits both biologically and physiology.

more about To The Beautiful You


Other commendable dramas that I would suggest you people to watch as they couldn’t make the list cause its just 5 but they are really enjoyable:



while you were sleeping



boys over flowers


cinderella and four knights






my love from another star



playful kiss



scarlet heart: Ryeo



she was pretty


weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo

I think I should stop. My list is never ending but these are some that I would recommend.

Thats all I have got for this week. See you all next time!